Tennis Court Design and Consulting Services

“There are many creative ways to resurface, reconstruct or build tennis courts. That's why every court we do has its own originality.”

Whether the need is renovation of a commercial facility, or blending a residential tennis court with the property's natural surroundings, the goal remains to create a beautiful tennis court that meets the highest playability standards. To that end, Matt Jacobs, president of Sport Builders, carefully guides clients through the entire design process, including site development, court orientation, playing surface preferences (hard court, clay court, synthetics, etc.), fencing, lighting, and other amenity installations such as basketball systems, hitting walls, windscreens and viewing areas. Other design considerations include drainage systems; stone and masonry design, including retaining walls; walkways and patio area construction. We can also assist with landscaping design around the court to ensure not only beauty, but also functionality.

The process starts with a meeting with Matt Jacobs to discuss general surface preferences, budget and overall design concept. Matt will visit the site to establish a footprint for the court or courts, elevations and to take detailed measurements required for construction. We can even provide computerized renderings of our proposed design so clients can visualize the final look of the court or the facility. We also work closely with architects, engineers, landscapers and other contractors to make sure the tennis facilities fit seamlessly into the overall vision for the property.

Not sure how to bring your old court back to life? Much of our consulting work centers on developing an appropriate reconstruction plan that is right for you. Taking into consideration surface performance, longevity of the renovation and overall appearance goals, we can provide a list of options that meet budgetary concerns. Are you having a problem with your court? Sport Builders provides maintenance consultations and solutions for residential courts and facilities of all sizes. We create custom maintenance programs that readily meet each client's needs and budget, ensuring superior playing surfaces season after season. Sometimes, we can even offer quick fixes that get courts back up and running until budget monies are available for a complete rebuild. The Sport Builders team is available to conduct surface analysis and to suggest solutions that will maximize court longevity, playability and overall appearance.