Har-Tru® Court Reconditioning Services

“This process is how I began my career as a tennis court contractor. I now have 20 years of experience behind me doing this.”

Every spring, private and public facilities from Maryland to Connecticut call on Sport Builders to recondition their Har-Tru courts and Hydrocourts prior to the start of the playing season. We are also available throughout the season to keep courts in optimal condition (periodic conditioning), as well as at the end of the season to close courts. Sport Builders has perfected the art of the reconditioning process, allowing us to build lasting relationships. We are proud to recondition hundreds of courts each year for our customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Har-Tru and Hydrocourts reconditioning is an annual resurfacing process that includes compacting the Har-Tru base, cleaning the playing surface, correcting surface issues such as low spots and moss/algae accumulation, applying new top dressing material and installing the playing lines. Reconditioning, done annually prior to the main playing season, keeps the surface in top shape and prolongs the life of the court. Following reconditioning, Sport Builders can install nets, windscreens and court accessories as requested. Sport Builders also will return after the job is done to meet with maintenance personnel and/or court owners to review daily maintenance requirements and make any necessary surface adjustments. Finally, if any maintenance concerns arise during the playing season, Sport Builders is just a phone call away to handle routine or emergency needs.

Sport Builders also provides reconditioning services for natural red clay courts. Red clay courts that do not receive proper maintenance can become hard, develop plant and weed growth and crack. The reconditioning process for red clay is similar to the process for Har- Tru courts. Red clay courts are scarified every year, which keeps the court level and functioning properly. We use Beam Clay (Partac) as base material and Natural Red Brick Dust for the top surface. We also use American Red Clay, a  Har-Tru brand product, on red clay Hydrocourts. 


  • Rapid start-up, we’ll meet your scheduling criteria so your courts open on time.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Expert diagnosis and correction for all types of Har Tru and clay court problems.
  • We’ll work with your maintenance personnel to create a tailor-made maintenance program.
  • After the job is completed, we won't disappear! If a situation arises we’ll be there fast to take care of it.
  • Other Har Tru services include: slope correction, laser lifts, (one-inch overlay to reconstruct the surface), court conversion procedures, Har Tru and Hydrocourt construction, windscreen sales and installation, irrigation installation start-up/repairs, hydro-system tune-ups.