QuickStart Tennis Court Builders

“Kids playing tennis is the only way to grow the game and QuickStart courts are the best way to get kids excited about tennis.”

With the USTA's rollout of QuickStart Tennis (also known as 10 and Under Tennis), country clubs tennis clubs, schools and municipalities are looking to repurpose existing courts, convert unused space or build new courts to accommodate this amazing program. Through the use of slower and bigger tennis balls and smaller courts, children have more time and control to effectively learn the game of tennis. Bringing new players into the game is vital to the future of tennis.

10 and Under Tennis programs are advantageous because they offer equipment and playing space tailored to a child's size and age, making learning fun and easy. With multiple court configurations, as many as six QuickStart courts will fit in the space of a single conventional tennis court. For children ages 9-10, the recommended court size is 60' x 21' for singles and 60' x 27' for doubles, with regulation 3' nets. Children ages 8 and under play on 36' x 18' courts with a 2'9" net. As of January 2012, all USTA-sanctioned tournaments for children 10 and under must be played on courts with the new specified sizes.

Sport Builders can build stand-alone permanent QuickStart courts or can repurpose existing courts using blended painted lines. The addition of blended lines on standard courts makes it possible for more kids to fit on a single tennis court. Throw-down lines or masking tape and portable nets can also be used to create QuickStart courts. QuickStart courts can also be built with various surfaces such as hard asphalt acrylic or Har-Tru®. Often, we can convert unused parking lot space into QuickStart courts by installing a multi-layer acrylic coating system right on top of the existing black top. This adds valuable court time to any facility while not interrupting play for adult members.

If your facility is interested in creating QuickStart tennis courts, contact us to discuss your situation. We can assess your current situation and help you find a solution to fit your needs. Also, feel free to contact the USTA, as they have funding programs for QuickStart line installations.