“YES...Har-Tru or Hydrocourts can be built directly on top of old cracked hard courts!”

While hard tennis courts (also known as asphalt or all-weather tennis courts) are favored for their durability and low maintenance requirements, exposure to the elements over time will cause both structural and surface damage to a hard court. As a result, aged hard courts eventually require extensive repair work to restore their playability and visual appeal. When faced with the need for extensive repairs, many Sport Builders customers opt to install a new court surface over their damaged hard courts. As more players come to appreciate the benefits of playing on Har-Tru, Sport Builders is increasingly called upon to install Har-Tru tennis courts over damaged asphalt courts. The Har-Tru surface offers superior play and enhanced player comfort while completely eliminating the threat of surface cracking. Conversely, we have also had clients opt to install a new hard court over an existing Har-Tru court to reduce their courts’ maintenance needs. And finally, if you are considering reconstruction of an existing all-weather or Har-Tru court , we also recommend reviewing our synthetic overlays section.

When converting a hard court to a Har-Tru court, the new court is actually constructed right on top of the old one. The conversion procedure begins by installing a layer of modified stone right on top of the existing hard tennis court surface. The stone serves as the new base of the court and it's used to change the slope of the existing court (Har-Tru courts have less pitch than hard courts). A one-inch layer of stone dust is installed which serves as an important separation layer to the finished one-inch layer of Har-Tru which serves as the final playing surface. During the procedure, a brick perimeter is installed which contains all the stone and Har-Tru materials. Above ground irrigation or a sub-surface irrigation system is also installed during the conversion process which maintains the playing surface. New net posts and center strap anchors are installed to accommodate the new surface elevation. Hydrocourts can also be installed right on top of old hard courts. Hydrocourts are considered a low maintenance alternative to Har Tru with the continuous watering of the court from below the court surface. 


  • Har-Tru or Hydrocourts NEVER crack.
  • Uses the existing hard court as a base, eliminating the excavating process and expensive foundation work.
  • The old hard court improves capillary action which allows moisture to transfer up into the Har-Tru court base.
  • Existing fencing may be used.
  • 3-year warranty on all installations.
  • Installation takes about 2-3 weeks.