Tennis Court Fencing Services

“The purpose of fencing is to stop the ball, but it shouldn't create a jail cell type feeling.”

Fencing is a surprisingly sophisticated element of tennis court construction and has become a major component of most renovation projects. Often it's the most noticeable element of the entire court. While the primary purpose of the fencing surrounding a tennis court is to contain errant tennis balls, the right fencing can enhance the look of the court, while the wrong fencing can significantly detract from the court's overall appearance. A good fence will allow for maximum visibility and withstand the test of time. Sport Builders can offer many different fence design options. Our fences are well-constructed and incorporate only quality materials. For tennis facilities, Sport Builders features design components such as California corners and the installation of divider fencing in between each court. The fence layout provides an attractive design that is extremely functional. The fence angles prevent play interruptions by containing tennis balls to their individual court. The design also helps maximize court space while creating a more intimate setting.

Sport Builders designs and installs a variety of fencing systems, including high-quality chain link fencing, wood fencing, and retro-fitted fence panels installed on top of retaining walls. Although black chain link is a preferred choice since it blends in best with the natural surroundings, there are other options. We are always striving to give clients options to individualize their courts.

Sometimes the natural surroundings of the court can actually serve as fencing. A soft netting system can be used for ball containment. This is an extremely cost-effective way to control errant balls.

Windscreens reduce wind effect, add privacy, and create a contrasting backdrop to enhance ball visibility and provide a polished look to the entire fencing system. Custom logos can be imprinted on the windscreen to really set your facility apart. New windscreens can also really improve the look of older fencing systems.

Sport Builders can also modify, renovate or repaint existing fencing. Changing or refreshing the fencing system can give an older court a new and updated feel. For a fraction of the cost to install a new fence, old rusty fencing can be painted with specially formulated paint products. These paint systems are designed for marine use, so they hold up well in extreme weather conditions while inhibiting rust from returning. If the chain link is rusty and bent, we often recommend painting the frame and just replacing the chain link. We can also modify the original fence design to eliminate that “jail cell” type feeling older fencing systems created.