Hard Court Reconstruction

“We can build a new court right on top of your old one. Old courts serve as a great foundation.”  

All-weather tennis courts are favored by many Sport Builders customers for their durability, low maintenance, suitability for multiple sports and visual appeal. While hard courts generally require very little maintenance, over time, exposure to the elements (sun, water, freezing temperatures) will take a toll on even the most well-built hard courts. Eventually, the asphalt base of the court will begin to break down requiring court reconstruction. Sport Builders offers a variety of long-term renovation solutions to correct damaged hard courts; these procedures restore playability and visual appeal. Renovation procedures typically involve surface reconstruction right on top of the old court, which saves time and money. Unless there is severe structural damage, the old court can typically serve as an excellent foundation for a new court. Sport Builders can even build an all-weather hard court on top of an old clay court.

An uneven hard court with significant surface damage (such as numerous low spots or "bird baths") is an excellent candidate for an asphalt overlay. During this process, a single layer of asphalt is installed over the existing court. Although structural cracking should be limited with this procedure, cracks are treated with a membrane called Petro-Tack which prevents moisture from penetrating into the new asphalt court base while preventing surface cracking. The installation process includes the removal of  low lying areas with a "scratch coat" of asphalt followed by the application of a two-inch wearing course of asphalt. After curing, a new acrylic coating system is applied with the owner's final color scheme. 

For courts with severe cracking, a stone dust overlay is the recommended procedure. This procedure completely rebuilds the court's structure without removing the damaged court. Sport Builders first corrects any drainage issues and corrects cracks by routing them and packing them with stone dust. Next, a one-inch layer of stone dust is installed over the entire court surface, creating a layer of separation between the damaged court and the new surface. The stone dust is laser-graded to ensure correct slope, then watered and rolled for compaction. Two layers of asphalt are added on top of the stone dust. After curing, an acrylic paint system in the owner's desired colors is applied.

Tennis courts are sometimes beyond repair. Due to sub base or drainage problems, the asphalt base of the existing court needs to be completely demolished. Typically, the old surface is removed, but we can reconstruct the stone sub-base by adding additional stone and sub-surface drainage. In fact, the old asphalt may be milled and recycled for use as the sub base in some instances. Following sub-base reconstruction, a new multi-layer base is built and finished with a new acrylic coating system.

A new hard court can be built on top of an existing Har-Tru® court. The process involves changing the slope of the court with processed stone which is laser graded and compacted to create the correct pitch. A multi-layer asphalt system is constructed followed by the installation of an Acrylic Coating System.  A hard court is our most popular surface option because it's easy to maintain, can be played on year round and it is suitable for multiple sports.


  • Uses the existing court as the sub-base for the new court eliminating the excavating process.
  • Long term results for crack-free playing surfaces.
  • Existing fencing may be used.
  • Acrylic coating systems come in 11 attractive colors and can be used for multi-sport applications.
  • 3-5 year warranty.
  • Installation takes about 4-6 weeks depending on the procedure.