Tennis Court and Basketball Court Lighting System

“Our customers who have lights actually double the amount of time the court is used.”

Extend the playing day with a state-of-the-art lighting system. Tennis court lighting presents unique challenges. Tennis players require minimal glare with optimum lighting output, conditions that simple floodlights cannot deliver. Lighting must also be unobtrusive and comply with local building codes. To meet these needs, Sport Builders uses lighting systems specifically designed for tennis. Two of our most popular systems are the Advantage Series and Professional Series from Har-Tru® Sports Tennis Optics. Har-Tru lighting systems incorporate a vertical burning lamp centered in a patented reflector that captures and projects more of the light onto the playing area.

Advantage Series: This energy-efficient tennis lighting system provides higher lighting levels with lower wattage bulbs, offering excellent visibility at substantial energy savings. It comes in multiple wattages, providing a wide range of choices for lighting and energy efficiency. The Advantage Series features a flat lens with full cut-off design, a full complement of arms and poles, and optional shields – all while exceeding USTA lighting recommendations.

Professional Series: The Professional Series provides reliable performance at an exceptional value. This durable system performs consistently, offering uniform lighting from aesthetically pleasing, low-mounted fixtures. Its unique high-performance reflector system is designed for precisely controlled on-court lighting, providing superior visibility and strict glare control. Full cut-off eliminates light trespass and light pollution.

In addition to installing new lighting systems, Sport Builders also offers retrofitting of existing lighting systems, lighting system maintenance and basketball court lighting systems. As with fence painting, Sport Builders can also paint your existing lighting system.


  • Lighting extends playing time into evening hours which adds value to club memberships.
  • Improved night lighting makes it easier to track the ball, even for older players (40+ year-old players require twice as much light as 20-year-olds).
  • Har-Tru Advantage lighting can reduce energy consumption, which increases the life of the lamp and can save up to 25% on your electric bill.
  • Har-Tru Advantage systems focus light on the court area, which reduces peripheral glare.